Double major in creative writing and psychology

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Psychology (double major)

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School of Arts double majors

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Programs of Study

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Students completing a double major receive one degree, with both majors noted on. Graduates of a double major including English and Creative Writing may consider careers in: Advertising, public policy, arts and media practice, professional and/or creative writing, publishing, archival research, teaching, copywriting, and journalism.

School of Arts double majors

Nov 08,  · So I love biology and creative writing, both make me happy. So when I entered college I decided to double major, since biology had all.

The Psychology double major will help you develop a scientific understanding of human thoughts and behaviours, the psychological processes underlying these and the relationship of these processes to brain function.


The Psychology double major will help you develop a scientific understanding of human thoughts and behaviours, the psychological processes underlying these. A new study from Vanderbilt University* reveals that double majors are more creative, and are better able to integrate knowledge across .

Double major in creative writing and psychology
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