How to write acid ionization constant expression

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pKa and Dissociation Equilibrium

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The Ionization Constant of Water and Its Ionic Product

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In addition, the equation shows how the dissociation state of weak acids vary according to the [H +] level in the solution. Carboxylic acids (containing -COOH), such as acetic and lactic acids, normally have a Ka constant of about to Consequently, expressing acidity in terms of the Ka constant alone can be inconvenient and not very intuitive.

And since this expression refers specifically to the ionization of water, we can write the equilibrium expression as K 25ÂșC, the value of K w, which is known as the ion-product constant, is 1 This means that the [H 3 O +] = [OH-] and each is equal to 1 When the concentrations of H + and OH-are equal in a solution, the solution is said to be neutral.

In order to write the equilibrium expression for a system in a state of equilibrium you need to know: the balanced equation for the reaction the phases (solid, liquid, gas.

Acids and Bases

Acid-Base Titrations Titration: reaction of an acid with a base (neutralization) Specifically, the addition of a solution of accurately known concentration (e.g. acid) to a solution of unknown concentration (e.g.

Chemical equilibrium

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Weak Acid Equilibrium